Goose Deuce

These two followed each other all day. Was it true goose-love? Was it some other unseen bond, siblings maybe, tangled fishing line at the ankles?

Or do they just like getting down together?

Oil on Canvas 22”x 28”

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Goose in the Grass

Close up, the thick paint is like icing on a cake to me, like delicious color flavoring. Far away, its paint again transforming into form and detail.

Oil on Canvass 36”x 24”

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Goose on the Shore

Feathers are the engine for this piece to take flight. This one is poised on the shore ready to go. Say the word.

Oil on Canvass 24”x30”


The Watchful Goose

The Canada Goose symbolizes an unfettered life to me. They possess the freedom to fly, swim or waddle across continents. Still for this one, there is cause for vigilance.

Oil on Canvass 18”x 24”

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