Just Paint Me In Different Clothes

Well that’s not really how it works, however my Rules of Art handbook became obsolete quite some time ago. So what the heck, I painted you in a blue shirt…

36″x24″    Oil on Canvas

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Cowboy and Indian

I do hope the cliché ‘Cowboy & Indian’ does not offend. It is simply the only title that makes any sense to me. If there is a modern day meaning for the phrase, I submit the subjects of this work are as worthy of the monicker as anyone.

36″x24″  Oil on canvas

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Choke Adjust

The chrome has reflected the cluttered dark walls of a garage for way too long. The engine needs to clear it’s throat on the highway, flying in the open space.

Oil on Canvas, 22″ x 28″

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Fender and Fork

It is a graceful beast. The tires, bulbous and floating, glided across the leaves and crispy grass as they felt for the long road. It’s bulk is not made for idling.

Oil on Canvas, 22″ x 28″

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The Bug

How many bright green Brazilian beetles had to be gathered and ground for the pigment to paint this bike? None, it was made from emeralds, lemon drops and linseed oil mashed  into a pulp. It made for a tasty clean-up!

Oil on canvas 24″ x 36″

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Old Red Harley

It’s an old one, custom paint without a smudge. Every part original and ready to hum. A long red cape would not look out of place on the rider of this bike, would it?

Oil on Canvas 24″ x 30″

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Got Your Back

The seat is in perfect balance between the past and the future. Two wheels flying 80 MPH into what has just passed through your present… I got your back.

Oil on Canvas 24″ x 36″

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Nancy and Bicycle

Colors are blended to hold the divergent subjects together. The bench, bike, building, Nancy and sidewalk all seem to be leaving the piece. Green holds them still.

 Oil on Canvas 30”x 24”

Roadside Ride

The pallet knife took center stage in the Roadside Ride. Let the knife move the color and reveal the surface. The paint takes form.
Oil on Canvas 36”x 24”

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Red Indian Blues

What better way to paint the blues than to use red? Then, paint the blues freely.
Oil on Canvas 30”x 24”