Artist’s Statement

I was lucky to have had a painting teacher at an early age.  She told me on the first day, “ If you can draw, you can paint. You just have to learn color.”  She opened a door for me – and I walked through. That started a lifelong journey, a journey I’m still on, by the way.

Since an early age my life has centered around art and the drive to create it. I believe the aesthetic experience occurs in a personal moment when the recipient experiences art. I create my paintings for that moment.

Oil paint, watercolor and pencil have always been my choice of media to reflect the world around me. Today, my oil work is based around a music festival my wife and I went to a few years ago. I love people watching, so I took that one more step by taking photographs serendipitously of the crowds. By using a zoom at considerable distance, I was able capture my fellow concert goers in their natural habitat. I enjoy rendering these moments on canvas. The work invites the viewer to eavesdrop a little on various moments and interactions. I wanted to make a series of paintings that were candid American portraits

 “Let the paint take you there” – Phillip Timper

Artist Phillip Timper